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From June 2011 to May 2013 - Vila Roriz, Portugal

ISA-Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, S.A. (provided the technology)
CoopRoriz - Energy cooperative whose customers entered the pilot.

To test how a cheap energy monitoring solution could be the basis for a residential Demand Response programme that would rely on a large customer base, rather than on very large industrial consumers.

200.000 euros

End customers in a rural area

ISA-Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

Project Description

ISA's Cloogy device was installed in the home of 700 customers, and a special plug was granted the authorization to cut power to an appliance (typically a freezer) for a number of hours upon the utility's request.

Project Results

The results show that it is technically feasible to perform Demand Response even in a residential environment with very small loads, provided a large customer base is part of the programme.
The biggest hurdle is explaining the benefits of the system to end-users without a technical background.