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The starting point of ADVANCED are the data set that have been made available by the partners. There are four demonstration projects carried out by the DSOs and the analysis of the results of 100 AD pilots stored in the VaasaETT database.

Entelios as one of the leading European energy management solution provider for decentralised energy resources in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors brings in its expertise and experience with Demand Response.

Real Active Demand Experience

1. Two of the demonstration projects (France and Spain) were carried out in another FP7 project called ADDRESS.
The French site (EDF-ERDF) was performed in two small islands Houat and Hoedic (Brittany) with the participation of 30 consumers. The main objective was to test the whole value chain,from the AD buyers of AD to controllable appliances at consumers’ premises

The Spanish site (Iberdrola) was in Castellon (Valencia) and involved 280 consumers, the focus was both on aggregator and home system functionalities; great importance was given to customers acceptance and commitment with the administration of surveys documenting their experiences.

2. The other demonstration pilot is carried out in Italy and it is officially called Enel Info+. It tested the feasibility of AD with residential consumers in a program based on the provision of information/education and feedback about consumption using facilitating technologies like In Home Display, PC software and a smartphone app. The pilot technology will be distributed to 8,000 families.

3. In Germany RWE developed the E-DeMa project in Mülheim and Krefeld. This is a demonstration of a regional energy market place with its ICT infrastructure connecting the households. It demonstrates the effect of AD for households based on several energy products like switching loads, integration of chp, home appliances and In Home Displays.