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ADVANCED is organized into 8 Work Packages, WP1 to WP6 are dedicated to research, WP7 to dissemination and WP8 covers project management.
The project could be divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: dedicated to the development of a methodology for analysis and the consolidation of the existing data set;
  • Phase 2: the first part of this phase regards data collection,  a second one with the final results of the project, the guidelines for developing pilots and business models and the impact assessment.

Given the data collected from real Active Demand (AD) experiences the main objective was to provide a framework to be used to analyze and compare data. This is divided in four parts:

  • Creation of a target matrix categorizing the AD components
  • Development of a socio-economic model of consumer behaviour
  • Development of market-technical scenarios
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators to be used to evaluate the performance of different solutions

Besides these topics, WP1 has an additional part dedicated to treatment of consumer data and privacy, which is an important factors in these technologies based on the exchange of large quantity of information between companies and customers.

WP2 is dedicated to the collection and organization of data using the tools developed in WP1. It will give also a first analysis through the comparison of the different pilots.

WP3 and WP4 are dedicated to extend the data base, using the insights collected in the previous WPs. In WP3 the market research company will carry out face to face in depth interviews to some of the customers involved in the four pilots describing in detail their interaction with AD technologies; WP4 develops an internet survey for residential consumers with no previous experience with AD in nine European countries with the objective to provide a statistically robust indication of awareness, understanding the role of AD and attitudes towards AD in Europe.

In WP5 the main objective is to provide examples of what could be the best solutions in terms of pilots and business models It would include also the definition of possible improvements to the regulatory framework and an overall communication strategy capable to define the best messages for different types of consumers.

WP6 besides containing the overall conclusions provides, through simulation, estimates of the potential flexibility obtained with the introduction of AD; it also models the impact on the electricity market and the grid focusing on Medium and Low voltage.

Dissemination is covered in WP7, the activities are the standard ones or organization of events, involvements of stakeholders and management of publications.