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Results of the ADVANCED project

24 February 2015
14 April 2015
Available an overview of the ADVANCED results, the key conclusions and recommendations.
The main results of the ADVANCED project concern both the different aspects behind the design and management of AD programs and the impacts of AD on the electrical system and its actors.
24 February 2015
The final report and the public deliverables have been published in section Result of the offcial website. If you are interested to confidential deliverables, please send a request email to stella.dicarlo@enel.com or to luca.distefano@enel.com.
06 October 2014
The third Workshop with SAB members has been held in Madrid on September 19th. The main topic was the awareness, understanding and attitude towards energy consumption in Europe, flexibilities that AD might offer to electricity systems, impact of AD on privacy and data protection. The attendance of SAB member was very high!