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Entelios as one of the leading European energy management solution provider for decentralised energy resources in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors brings in its expertise and experience with Demand Response.

Entelios is an enabling partner for energy companies to set up their own Demand Response programs with their commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Based on its leading solution suite and operational capabilities, Entelios offers automated industrial Demand-Response-as-a-Service™ (DRaaS™). The Entelios solution suite supports major open smart grid interoperability standards (i.e. data formats, protocols, access points) via the E-Box as a universal interface to all types of flexibility assets. The solution offers fully-automated pooling up to secondary balancing power requirements, short- and medium term forecasting, and even complex optimization, monitoring & control.

Entelios has built up operational expertise in DR since 2010 as one of the first DR aggregators and white-label DR solution providers in Europe. Entelios is a founding member of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), a member of the European Commissions’ Smart Grid Task Force, and a member of the IT-Summit of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

In the ADVANCED project, Entelios brings in its expertise and experience with Demand Response for commercial, industrial and institutional consumers. Entelios provides practical AD experience as input into the project across all WPs- in particular to WP1 ”Development of the methodological approach”, WP5 “Completion of cross-case analysis and identification of best practice solutions” and WP6 “Impact assessment of AD on electricity systems and overall conclusions of the project”. Entelios is the task leader of T5.3 and T5.5 elaborating recommendations for commercial and industrial consumers.