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RWE Deutschland AG is the distribution grid and investment holding company of the RWE Group operation in Germany. The company based in Essen is responsible for one of Germany's largest distribution grid. RWE is largely investing into the energy system.

Several billion Euro are earmarked annually for investments in environmentally friendly and flexible generation capacity, which includes power plants and grids. Each year approx. €1 billion of that budget is invested in RES – mainly offshore wind power and biomass.

RWE reacts to changes in consumer needs by offering new electricity, gas and energy efficiency products for home, commercial consumers and industry. In this context, climate protection and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important.


Key figure (2012)

Electrical power distributed: 124.1  TWh
Electrical network managed: 344,000 km
Revenue: 23.7 bn. €
1.2 bn € investments in 2012
Employees: 19,510